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RFID Available in Pocket JMS

Pocket JMS Available with RFID

For those of you who currently use EIS Pocket JMS, you have the option to purchase the RFID add-on to track and ID directly within the system!

Pocket JMS allows officers to perform many inmate management functions from a mobile device (Android/iPhone/Windows). Base functions include:

  • Inmate Search and Information Display 

  • Posting Information to the Inmate Log 

  • Performing Inmate Movement 

  • Inmate Cell Checks 

  • Housing Activity and Logs  

Remember, a wireless internet connection is required within the jail facility for Pocket JMS to function.

Contact the EIS Support Team if you're interested in getting a quote for the Pocket JMS RFID add-on, the Pocket JMS system, or any of our other products.


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