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Email Notifications with RMS: Introducing the Citizen Information Service (CIS) Application

CIS provides email notification with RMS

Are you looking to enhance your agency's communication capabilities while meeting legal victim notification requirements? Look no further than the Citizen Information Service (CIS) Application, a powerful add-on to the RMS (Records Management System) designed to revolutionize email notifications.

What is the CIS Application?

The CIS Application serves multiple purposes within the RMS framework:

  1. Public Relations Medium: It acts as a platform for agencies to engage with the public and stakeholders effectively.

  2. Legal Victim Notification: CIS assists agencies in meeting legal requirements for victim notifications.

  3. Cost Reduction: By utilizing electronic communication, CIS helps agencies reduce media distribution costs associated with traditional notification methods.

Unlike traditional fixed email notifications, CIS offers flexibility and configurations. Leveraging the workflow rules engine embedded within the RMS system, CIS adapts to your agency's unique needs seamlessly.

How Does Email Notification with RMS Work?

Operating through electronic communication via email, CIS continuously monitors incident and report processing within the RMS. It enables agencies to send customizable emails to various stakeholders involved in a case, such as victims, witnesses, or offenders. These emails can contain crucial information such as victim assistance details, court times, addresses, and property notification letters.

Why Choose CIS?

  • Streamlined Communication: CIS streamlines communication processes, ensuring timely and accurate notifications to stakeholders.

  • Cost-Efficiency: By reducing reliance on traditional media distribution methods, CIS helps agencies save on operational costs.

  • Customizability: Tailored email templates and configurable settings allow agencies to adapt CIS to their specific notification requirements.


Are you interested in incorporating the CIS Application to get an email notification with RMS? Reach out to our Support Team today to receive a personalized quote and learn how CIS can optimize your agency's email notification process.


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