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Records Management System

Integrated, Multi-agency  Records Management

Discover the power of our Records Management System ("RMS")—a next-gen, high-performance solution designed for law enforcement agencies. Our multi-jurisdictional system offers an integrated suite of modules, ensuring a comprehensive records management experience. Meet State and Federal reporting requirements effortlessly, with features like:

  • Quick data collection

  • Enhanced investigative capabilities

  • A fully integrated workflow process.


Enjoy robust searching and extensive reporting capabilities, all in one user-friendly package.

RMS is a key component of the EIS Public Safety Software Suite; seamlessly integrating with other modules such as CAD, Mobile, Civil, and Jail. It's the ultimate solution to elevate and support every agency's operations—from receiving and dispatching to collecting, organizing, accessing, and disseminating information. By consolidating agency processes into a single, comprehensive system, our RMS eliminates manual tasks, standalone databases, and workflow challenges often associated with legacy systems. All information is accessible to authorized personnel, ensuring timely access 24/7."



Modern Technology Platform

Built on contemporary Microsoft .NET platform, SQL Server database – RMS utilizes the latest in computing technology to provide a fully supportable platform.

Records Anywhere

Provides a single RMS core client capable of supporting desktop and mobile reporting.

Easy to Use

Intuitive, modern graphical user interface, engineered to provide rapid and accurate access to all information. Report validation wizards, "smart" controls and one-click access simplifies data entry.


System forms, validation functions and features can be tailored to emulate the specific operational practices of the agency.

Multi-Agency / Cross-Jurisdictional Data Sharing

Designed to eliminate the constraints of agency / jurisdictional boundaries, and to support multi-agency data collaboration and data sharing.

Integrated IBR and UCR Reporting Standards

Provides the user with an easy to understand IBR/UCR compliance validation through data “Wizards” and “Smart” controls as information is added to the system.

Automated Workflow Engine & Paperless Report Management

Includes a sophisticated workflow management engine that provides a comprehensive set of user-defined workflow events and notifications to ensure system users are aware of tasks.

Integrated Data / One-Time Data Entry

Single point of data entry across the full Suite, including access to CAD and JMS information.  Existing data is brought forward eliminating the need to re-key information increasing speed and accuracy.

Single Point of Data

Provides a single repository to store, link, and organize information electronically. Videos, Audio files, images, photographs, and scanned documents can be directly linked to any agency record providing a single point of retrieval.

Comprehensive Reporting

Built on SSRS, intelligent reports and informational displays provided throughout the records environment, fully customizable displays and printouts, end user report development tools.

Interface to MANY RMS Supporting Products

Data exchanges to e-Citation, Pawn, Livescan, 3rd party Crime Analysis, web reporting products, State accident reports, State and federal mandated reporting and more.

Easy Installation

Highly-configurable, out-of-the-box solution, supported by experienced and efficient implementation specialists ensure a low risk project and a smooth transition to the new system.

Diagonal Lines


  • Personnel Management

  • Incident Reporting

  • Field Contact/Interviews

  • Accidents and Crash Reporting

  • Criminal and Traffic Citations

  • Wants & Warrants

  • Protection and Restraining Orders

  • Permits

  • Major Crimes Registration/Parolees

  • Gun Registrations & Permits

  • Trespass Module

  • Pawn Property

  • Applicant/Registration Tracking

  • Parking Citations

  • Arrests/Pre-Booking

  • Federal and State-Specific Reports (UCR/IBR)

  • Report Processing Workflow

  • Tow Management

  • Master Name, Vehicle, Property Index

  • Master Location Index

  • Asset/Capital Equipment Management

  • Activity and Statistical Reporting

  • Report Management

  • Multi-Media (Images/Documents/Audio/Video)

  • Electronic Document Management/Dissemination

  • Calls For Service

  • Real-Time UCR/IBR Validation

  • Workflow Management/Routing

  • Integrated NCIC/NLETS

  • Integrated Imaging (NIST Mugshot)

  • Security Management

  • One-Click Case View

  • Comprehensive pre-written reports and user report writer

  • CJIS Compliant

Investigative Modules

  • Comprehensive Inquiry Module

  • Extensive Search and Drill-Down Capability

  • Customizable Investigative Workflow

  • Case Assignment and Tracking

  • Master Name, Vehicle, Property, Location Index

  • Data Analysis/Crime Mapping

  • Integrated Link Analysis

  • Management Reporting and Visual Dashboard

  • Multi-Media Searching

Optional / Supporting Modules

  • Special Investigations/Intelligence

  • Citizen Service Portal

  • Booking

  • Property and Evidence Management (Barcoding)

  • PocketProperty – Wireless Property Tracking

  • Alarm Tracking & Billing

  • Civil Management

  • Internal Affairs/Professional Standards

  • Multi-Agency Data Sharing Adapter

  • NCIC/NLETS Integrated Entry

  • NCIC/NLETS Integrated Query

  • Pawn Interface

  • Livescan/AFIS Interface

  • Accident Report Interface

  • E-Citation Interfaces

  • Many More interfaces...




Unlock a world of capabilities with our Records Management System (RMS). From seamless data collection to investigative management, reporting, and advanced Crime Analysis, RMS is your all-in-one solution. Our system ensures agency personnel have easy access to a wealth of information within RMS, and extends their reach to CAD, Mobile, and Jail data.


One standout feature of RMS is its system-wide linking, allowing entered data to be seamlessly utilized across various system modules. This means once information is in, it becomes a valuable resource available for use across the board. It's about making your data work smarter and more efficiently for your agency!


Step into a whole new world of usability and user-friendliness with our Records Management System (RMS). We've integrated intuitive menus, windows, colors, highlights, and display features to elevate your experience. RMS is not just any system—it's a Microsoft Windows-based solution crafted specifically with law enforcement professionals in mind, ensuring a familiar and friendly interface.

What sets RMS apart is its flexibility—it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. We've designed it from the ground up to be customizable to your unique requirements. Dive into extensive tables and configuration parameters, allowing you to tailor screen formats and operational features to perfectly match your agency's needs. With user-defined code tables and descriptors, you're in control of how your system works. It's about putting the power of customization in your hands!


Experience the efficiency boost with our Records Management System (RMS). We've incorporated a central master index for names, vehicles, properties, reports, and locations; making searches a breeze and turbocharging data collection. Say goodbye to manual data entry headaches—our system automatically populates key fields in input modules for swift and accurate record-keeping.

The Master Name Index takes things up a notch by supporting investigative alerts and maintaining vital details like addresses, aliases, phone numbers, and identification histories of individuals. It's about simplifying your workflow and ensuring your system works intelligently for you!


Experience the power of seamless integration with our Records Management System (RMS). We've revolutionized data management by employing central master indexes for names, vehicles, and locations. The system not only consolidates all law incident record information into a comprehensive database but also creates automatic links between related records.

Our Master Indexes are game-changers, making searches a breeze and supercharging data collection. By utilizing existing information, key fields in input modules are automatically populated, saving you time and effort. The Master Name Index is your ally, supporting investigative alerts and maintaining addresses, aliases, phone numbers, and identification histories of individuals.

What's more, a query against a name, address, or vehicle from any system module seamlessly navigates through the Master Indexes, locating all related data. Once entered, your data becomes a dynamic resource, easily linked to any new events as needed. It's about simplifying your workflow and ensuring your data works together seamlessly!


Experience efficiency like never before with our Records Management System (RMS). We've packed in a robust case management system that streamlines the entire process—from digital review and approval to quick assignments for follow-up.

Gone are the days of cumbersome printed reports and elaborate routing. Our online incident approval empowers supervisory personnel to promptly review completed reports with just a click. The moment a report is marked as completed, it's ready for review and approval. Approved reports can be seamlessly assigned to individuals or bureaus for follow-up investigations.


We've thought of everything—unsatisfactory reports are automatically flagged for revision, and the reporting officer is notified without delay. Assignment history is diligently maintained, even if a case is re-assigned. For that extra layer of accountability, our system logs every access to case reports, including retrieval and printing. Optional schedule alerts are also available to ensure investigations stay on track and timely. It's about simplifying the process and ensuring every step is as seamless as possible!

Case Reporting in RMS Software for Public Safety Agencies


Say goodbye to the paper shuffle with our Records Management System (RMS). We've introduced a cutting-edge 'Virtual Manila' folder image catalog that revolutionizes the way you store and retrieve digital images or scanned documents. No more searching through piles of paper—everything is seamlessly organized and accessible within the system.

Our Image catalog is a powerhouse, allowing you to import, store, and manage external documents, images, audio files, and video files effortlessly. Whether it's from video cameras, digital cameras, scanners, or other sources, input is a breeze. Users can access these images through the inquiry program linked to the case or retrieve them using various identifiers like personal descriptors, keywords, and other criteria. It's all about making your data visually accessible and easily retrievable!


Unlock the power of organization with our Records Management System (RMS). We've designed it to be user-friendly and efficient, incorporating central master indexes for names, vehicles, properties, reports, and locations. These indexes are like your personal search assistants, making it a breeze to find what you need in the system and speeding up data collection by filling in key fields automatically.

What's even more impressive is our Master Name Index—it's not just a list of names. It supports investigative alerts and keeps track of vital details like addresses, aliases, phone numbers, and identification histories of individuals. It's your go-to tool for maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the people involved. With RMS, managing records has never been this seamless and insightful!

Record Management System Software for Law Enforcment Agencies

End-to-End Data Management


From Creation to closure, we have you covered.  


Covering everything from start to finish, our Records Management System (RMS) has your back! From the very beginning to case closure, RMS offers a complete set of capabilities to manage every aspect. This includes field data collection, thorough review and approval processes, assignments, validation, dissemination, and even support for prosecution.

Our RMS isn't just a tool; it's a collaborative suite of software designed for full digital case management, perfectly tailored to meet the unique needs of your agency. We're here to streamline the entire process and ensure that every stage, from creation to closure, is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Initiation   -   Response   -    Report   -     Approval   -  Investigations  -  Dissemination
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