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Law Records Management Modules

Integrated, Multi-agency  Records Management
  • Personnel Management

  • Incident Reporting

  • Field Contact/Interviews

  • Accidents and Crash Reporting

  • Criminal and Traffic Citations

  • Wants & Warrants

  • Protection and Restraining Orders

  • Permits

  • Major Crimes Registration/Parolees

  • Gun Registrations & Permits

  • Trespass Module

  • Pawn Property

  • Applicant/Registration Tracking

  • Parking Citations

  • Arrests/Pre-Booking

  • Federal and State Specific Reports (UCR/IBR)

  • Report Processing Workflow

  • Tow Management

  • Master Name, Vehicle, Property Index

  • Master Location Index

  • Asset/Capital Equipment Management

  • Activity and Statistical Reporting

  • Report Management

  • Multi-Media (Images/Documents/Audio/Video)

  • Electronic Document Management/Dissemination

  • Calls For Service

  • Real Time UCR/IBR Validation

  • Workflow Management/Routing

  • Integrated NCIC/NLETS

  • Integrated Imaging (NIST Mugshot)

  • Security Management

  • One-Click Case View

  • Comprehensive pre-written reports and user report writer

  • CJIS Compliant

RMS-2 Investigative Modules

  • Comprehensive Inquiry Module

  • Extensive Search and Drill-Down Capability

  • Customizable Investigative Workflow

  • Case Assignment and Tracking

  • Master Name, Vehicle, Property, Location Index

  • Data Analysis/Crime Mapping

  • Integrated Link Analysis

  • Management Reporting and Visual Dashboard

  • Multi-Media Searching

RMS-2 Optional/Supporting Modules

  • Special Investigations/Intelligence

  • Citizen Service Portal

  • Booking

  • Property and Evidence Management (Bar coding)

  • PocketProperty – Wireless Property Tracking

  • Alarm Tracking & Billing

  • Civil Management

  • Internal Affairs/Professional Standards

  • Multi-Agency Data Sharing Adapter

  • NCIC/NLETS Integrated Entry

  • NCIC/NLETS Integrated Query

  • Pawn Interface

  • Livescan/AFIS Interface

  • Accident Report Interface

  • E-Citation Interfaces

  • Many More interfaces...


Data Management...Everyway

Initiation   -   Response   -    Report   -     Approval   -  Investigations  -  Dissemination

Creation to closure, we have you covered.  

From beginning to end RMS provides a comprehensive set of capabilities managing all aspects of the case, including field data collection, review and approval, assignments, validation, dissemination and prosecution.  RMS provides a collaborative suite of software enabling full digital case management – tailored to meet the needs of the agency.

Easy to use, and Officer Friendly

Streamlines Operations and Improves Efficiency.

Complete Systems, if we don't have it today, we will make it for you!

Secure, provides complete CJIS compliancy.

Configurable to Meet Agency Requirements

Full Time, 7 X 24 End to End Sytem Support.

For more information please contact us at or fill out our online form or give us a call toll free at 877.EISWARE (347-9273).

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