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Records Management System

Integrated, Multi-agency  Records Management

Discover our Records Management System (RMS)—a super tool made just for law enforcement! It helps keep track of all the important stuff the police need to know. With RMS, you can collect information quickly, do better investigations, and handle everything in one place.

RMS is part of the EIS Public Safety Software Suite, which works together with other useful tools like CAD, Mobile, Civil, and Jail. It helps officers do their jobs better, from getting calls to sorting and sharing information. No more old-fashioned ways of doing things—RMS makes everything easy and fast!

With RMS, you can find what you need anytime, anywhere. It's like having a superhero sidekick for your work!



Modern Technology Platform

Built on contemporary Microsoft .NET platform, SQL Server database – RMS utilizes the latest in computing technology to provide a fully supportable platform.

Records Anywhere

Provides a single RMS core client capable of supporting desktop and mobile reporting.

Easy to Use

Intuitive, modern graphical user interface, engineered to provide rapid and accurate access to all information. Report validation wizards, "smart" controls and one-click access simplifies data entry.


System forms, validation functions and features can be tailored to emulate the specific operational practices of the agency.

Multi-Agency / Cross-Jurisdictional Data Sharing

Designed to eliminate the constraints of agency / jurisdictional boundaries, and to support multi-agency data collaboration and data sharing.

Integrated IBR and UCR Reporting Standards

Provides the user with an easy to understand IBR/UCR compliance validation through data “Wizards” and “Smart” controls as information is added to the system.

Automated Workflow Engine & Paperless Report Management

Includes a sophisticated workflow management engine that provides a comprehensive set of user-defined workflow events and notifications to ensure system users are aware of tasks.

Integrated Data / One-Time Data Entry

Single point of data entry across the full Suite, including access to CAD and JMS information.  Existing data is brought forward eliminating the need to re-key information increasing speed and accuracy.

Single Point of Data

Provides a single repository to store, link, and organize information electronically. Videos, Audio files, images, photographs, and scanned documents can be directly linked to any agency record providing a single point of retrieval.

Comprehensive Reporting

Built on SSRS, intelligent reports and informational displays provided throughout the records environment, fully customizable displays and printouts, end user report development tools.

Interface to MANY RMS Supporting Products

Data exchanges to e-Citation, Pawn, Livescan, 3rd party Crime Analysis, web reporting products, State accident reports, State and federal mandated reporting and more.

Easy Installation

Highly-configurable, out-of-the-box solution, supported by experienced and efficient implementation specialists ensure a low risk project and a smooth transition to the new system.

Diagonal Lines


  • Personnel Management

  • Incident Reporting

  • Field Contact/Interviews

  • Accidents and Crash Reporting

  • Criminal and Traffic Citations

  • Wants & Warrants

  • Protection and Restraining Orders

  • Permits

  • Major Crimes Registration/Parolees

  • Gun Registrations & Permits

  • Trespass Module

  • Pawn Property

  • Applicant/Registration Tracking

  • Parking Citations

  • Arrests/Pre-Booking

  • Federal and State-Specific Reports (UCR/IBR)

  • Report Processing Workflow

  • Tow Management

  • Master Name, Vehicle, Property Index

  • Master Location Index

  • Asset/Capital Equipment Management

  • Activity and Statistical Reporting

  • Report Management

  • Multi-Media (Images/Documents/Audio/Video)

  • Electronic Document Management/Dissemination

  • Calls For Service

  • Real-Time UCR/IBR Validation

  • Workflow Management/Routing

  • Integrated NCIC/NLETS

  • Integrated Imaging (NIST Mugshot)

  • Security Management

  • One-Click Case View

  • Comprehensive pre-written reports and user report writer

  • CJIS Compliant

Investigative Modules

  • Comprehensive Inquiry Module

  • Extensive Search and Drill-Down Capability

  • Customizable Investigative Workflow

  • Case Assignment and Tracking

  • Master Name, Vehicle, Property, Location Index

  • Data Analysis/Crime Mapping

  • Integrated Link Analysis

  • Management Reporting and Visual Dashboard

  • Multi-Media Searching

Optional / Supporting Modules

  • Special Investigations/Intelligence

  • Citizen Service Portal

  • Booking

  • Property and Evidence Management (Barcoding)

  • PocketProperty – Wireless Property Tracking

  • Alarm Tracking & Billing

  • Civil Management

  • Internal Affairs/Professional Standards

  • Multi-Agency Data Sharing Adapter

  • NCIC/NLETS Integrated Entry

  • NCIC/NLETS Integrated Query

  • Pawn Interface

  • Livescan/AFIS Interface

  • Accident Report Interface

  • E-Citation Interfaces

  • Many More interfaces...




Discover amazing abilities with our Records Management System (RMS). RMS helps gather information easily and helps with investigations, reports, and advanced Crime Analysis. It's like having everything you need in one place! With RMS, it's simple for agency workers to find lots of information, and they can even use it with CAD, Mobile, and Jail data.

One cool thing about RMS is that it links everything together. This means once you put in information, you can use it in lots of different parts of the system. It's like making your data work better and faster for your agency!


Welcome to a whole new world of easy-to-use technology with our Records Management System (RMS). We've made it super easy to use with menus, windows, colors, and highlights that are simple to understand. RMS isn't like any other system—it's made just for police officers, with a Microsoft Windows style that you're already familiar with.

What makes RMS special is that it can change to fit what you need. You can customize it just for your police station. You can change how things look and work to match exactly what you need. With RMS, you're the boss of how your system works. It's all about making it perfect for you!


Discover the superpower of our Records Management System (RMS). We've made it easy to find what you need with a special master list of names, vehicles, places, and more. This makes searching quick and helps us collect information super fast! No more struggling with typing everything in by hand—our system fills in important parts for you automatically.

The Master Name Index is even cooler! It helps with investigations by giving important alerts and keeping track of details like addresses, nicknames, phone numbers, and IDs. It's all about making your work easier and having a smart system that helps you out!


Discover the magic of easy searching with our Records Management System (RMS). We've made it super simple by using special indexes for names, cars, and places. This means all the important info is in one place, and related things are connected automatically.

Our special indexes are like secret tools that make finding stuff easy and help us collect information super fast. They even fill in important parts for you, so you don't have to type everything! Plus, they help with investigations by giving important alerts and keeping track of details like addresses and phone numbers.

What's neat is that you can search for anything from any part of the system, and it finds all the related stuff for you. Once you put in information, it stays useful and can be connected to new things whenever you need it. It's all about making your work easier and making sure your information works together perfectly!


Discover how easy it is to get things done with our Records Management System (RMS). We've made a special system that helps with all the steps—from checking reports digitally to giving out tasks quickly.


No more printing lots of papers or waiting for approvals! Now, bosses can check reports online with just one click. As soon as a report is done, it's ready to be checked. If there's a problem with a report, we catch it right away and let the officer know. And even if a case gets passed to someone else, we keep track of everything.


Plus, we make sure to keep a record of everyone who looks at a report, just to be extra safe. And if you need reminders for tasks, we can do that too! It's all about making things easy and making sure nothing gets missed!

Case Reporting in RMS Software for Public Safety Agencies


Forget about dealing with stacks of paper! With our Records Management System (RMS), everything is digital and easy to find. We've made a special place called the 'Virtual Manila' where you can store and get digital pictures or scanned papers without any fuss.

Our Virtual Manila is super powerful. You can bring in, keep, and handle all sorts of stuff like documents, pictures, sounds, and videos without any trouble. It doesn't matter where it comes from, like cameras or scanners—it's all easy to add. If you need to find something, just use the special search tool linked to the case or use words to look for it. It's all about making your information easy to see and get whenever you need it!


Discover the magic of staying organized with our Records Management System (RMS). We've made it super easy for you! Our system has special lists for names, cars, places, and more. These lists help you find what you need quickly and even fill in some parts for you!

But that's not all—our special list for names is extra awesome! It helps with investigations and keeps track of important stuff like addresses and phone numbers. It's like having your own personal helper to understand everything better. With RMS, keeping track of information has never been easier or more helpful!

Record Management System Software for Law Enforcment Agencies

End-to-End Data Management


From Creation to closure, we have you covered.  


Covering everything from start to finish, our Records Management System (RMS) has your back! From the very beginning to case closure, RMS offers a complete set of capabilities to manage every aspect. This includes field data collection, thorough review and approval processes, assignments, validation, dissemination, and even support for prosecution.

Our RMS isn't just a tool; it's a collaborative suite of software designed for full digital case management, perfectly tailored to meet the unique needs of your agency. We're here to streamline the entire process and ensure that every stage, from creation to closure, is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Initiation   -   Response   -    Report   -     Approval   -  Investigations  -  Dissemination
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