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Jail Management System (JMS)

Integrated & Comprehensive Custody Management

The EIS/JMS (Jail Management System) provides a single-entry, comprehensive inmate management system that makes real-time inmate information available to any system user.  From booking to release, all aspects of the inmate’s incarceration are tracked - including initial intake, alerts, charges, sentencing, property, housing, medical, incidents & disciplinary actions, classifications, scheduling, and much more.  Real-time, complete data on inmates leads to increased safety for staff and the inmate population.  The EIS/JMS offers a complete set of features that will meet the requirements of any jail facility.


The EIS/JMS Jail Management System provides an enterprise-level jail management solution designed specifically for county and municipal detention centers.   The system incorporates a complete suite of inmate management and facilities management features along with a comprehensive suite of administration capabilities.   The EIS/JMS differentiates itself from other systems by providing user-definable quick data access functions, a sophisticated report management engine, and the flexibility within the application to “Tailor” the system to the specific needs of the agency. While the EIS/JMS is a true COTS solution, it provides an amazingly flexible user environment and can be easily adapted to the agency’s unique environment through its many built-in features, such as agency definable workflows, user-definable code tables, quick data access tabs, data field features, data entry controls, dynamic reporting, etc. EIS/JMS was created specifically for the changing needs of today’s jail and corrections market.



EIS JAILstreamlines operations and improves efficiency for multi-disciplines.

One-Time Data Entry

Single point of data entry across the full Suite, including access to Master Index and RMS information.  Existing data is brought forward eliminating the need to re-key information increasing speed and accuracy

Full-Time Support

Our in-house support team can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 


Functions and features can be tailored to emulate the specific operational practices of the agency.


Our systems are made with Officer in mind. We make them intuitive and easy-to-use while providing rapid and accuracte access to information. 


Interfaces include Livescan, Commissary, Inmate Telephones, Medical Systems, Accounting, Courts, NorthPointe Classification, Prosecutors, advanced Biometrics, and much more.

Tailored for Your Needs

We strive to provide complete systems. If we don't have a module or option that you require, our talented team can build it!

Portable Inmate Management

EIS provides PocketJMS, wireless, portable inmate management in the palm of your hand.  Through the effective employment or bar code technology, PocketJMS supports the common inmate management functions, such as movement, exchanges, logs, headcount, information lookup, and more.

Diagonal Lines


  • Comprehensive inquiry, search, and retrieval

  • Pre-Booking

  • Booking/Intake

  • Integrated NCIC/NLETS Access

  • Complete Inmate information

  • Arrest, Offense, and Sentence Tracking

  • Bond Management

  • Property Management and Property Release

  • Integrated Mug Shots and Photo Lineups

  • Inmate Classifications & Assessments

  • Hold Management

  • Alerts and Cautions

  • Keep aways

  • Booking Completion Checks

  • Notifications and Contacts

  • Jail Incident Reporting

  • Disciplinary Reporting

  • Sentence Calculation

  • Housing Management & Shift Logs

  • Inmate logs

  • Inmate Movements

  • Medical & Mental Health Questionnaire

  • Visitation & Visitor Registration/Tracking

  • Professional Visitors

  • Transportation and Scheduling

  • Meals and Dietary Restrictions

  • Work Release & Alternative Sentencing

  • Barcode and hand-held Inmate Tracking

  • Reporting & Statistics (including population and SSA reporting, etc.)

  • Comprehensive canned reports and user report writer

JMS Interfaces


    • Identix, CrossMatch, MorphoTrak, Cogent, 

  • VINE Integration

  • Commissary and Accounting

    • Swanson, Keefe, Aramark, Canteen, and more...

  • SSA Interface

  • Photo Integration

    •  Cogent, DataWorks, Dynamic Imaging

  • Regional Exchanges

    • CopLink, LinX, NDEX, TDEX, and more...

  • Inmate Telephone

    • ICS, TelMate, Securus, GTL, and more...

  • State-Specific DOC Reporting

  • Prosecuting Attorney Case Management Systems

    • Tyler, Karpel, Constellation Justice, and more...

  • Courts Systems

JMS Technology Considerations

  • JMS Built on the Latest Technology from Microsoft®

  • N-Tier Architecture

  • .NET Framework

  • Highly Normalized Database

  • Server-based distribution and client management

  • Highly Configurable by Agency

  • NIST Compliant Photo Imaging

  • Electronic Document Attachments

  • Integrated BioMetrics

  • Full Integration with the extended suite of products.

  • Integrated Interface Engine




Built on SSRS, Intelligent reports and informational displays are provided throughout the Jail environment, as fully customizable displays and printouts, end-user report development tools. Reporting functions include State DOC and Federal mandated reporting.


Web-based pre-booking system to collect inmate/arrest information prior to arrival at the jail.  Also provides web-based access capabilities to committing agencies and the general public.


Provides functional queues to quickly identify tasks and minimize system searching.


Data exchanges interface to many jail supporting products, like to Commissary, imaging, livescan, AFIS, cash accounting, inmate telephones, Victim Notification Services, State and Federal mandated reporting, and more


A highly-configurable, out-of-the-box solution, supported by experienced and efficient implementation specialists ensures a smooth transition to the new system.

EIS JMS Public Safety Software screenshot
jail management software

Complete Jail Management

...Integrated Custody

Pre-Book   -   Booking   -    Process Track   -    Housing   -  Sentencing   -  Pop Manage   -   Admin Manage  -  Release
Pre-booking through Release, we have you covered.  


From beginning to end JMS provides a comprehensive set of capabilities managing all aspects of the jail, including mobile pre-booking, initial intake, alerts, charges, sentencing, property, housing, medical, incidents & disciplinary actions, classifications, scheduling, and much more.  JMS provides a collaborative suite of software and interfaces to a wide variety of external systems enabling complete solutions – tailored to meet the needs of the agency.

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