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Integrated Public Safety System Products

Integrated, Multi-agency  Information Management

EIS provides a single integrated platform Public Safety Suite designed specifically for multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional agencies. Our products support the needs of Law Enforcement, Dispatch, Fire, and Corrections and consist of the core public safety applications and a wide range of supporting sub-systems and interfaces. 


All components are integrated into the common core products providing a single point of data entry across the complete Suite and supporting a common workflow. Information is passed effortlessly between system modules, and existing data is brought forward eliminating the need to re-key information increasing speed and accuracy.

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RMS Logo
Record Management System (RMS)

RMS2 is a new generation, high performance, COTS+ records management system providing complete data collection and records management capabilities for law enforcement agencies. 

JMS Logo
Jail Management System (JMS)

The JMS provides a single entry, comprehensive inmate management system that makes real-time inmate information available to any system user from booking to release.

CAD Logo
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

CAD is a comprehensive, easy-to-use command and control computer assisted dispatching system that enables the communications center to manage Law, Fire and EMS, in a high-performance, multi-user, multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional environment.

MDC Logo
Mobile Digital Computing (MDC)

MDC is a packaged wireless digital communications software application that supports mobile computing in the law enforcement and fire communities consisting of a number of specially designed client-server and web based software modules.

Civil Logo
Civil Process Management

Civil is a full function system that supports civil operations throughout the Department and compiles all process related information into single comprehensive management application.

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