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Mobile Digital Computing

Where Data Meets the Road

Mobile Digital Computing for Law and Fire Agencies extends system capability to where the officers are.  EIS/MDC is a packaged wireless digital communications software application that supports mobile computing in law enforcement and fire communities.  It consists of a number of specially designed client-server and web-based software modules that effectively integrate standard hardware into a highly efficient wireless digital communications system tailored to the requirements of the public safety environment.  These modules include an executive control program that runs on a standard laptop computer in the field and converts it into a highly efficient mobile workstation.  It also includes a base controller module that provides the communications interface and integration with other EIS applications. The operator interface on the mobile workstations has been highly optimized for the field officer.  Large displays, single keystroke commands, and other techniques have been used to make the system easy to use for the field officer. When fully integrated with the extended Public Safety Suite, the mobile digital communications system provides the field officer with an extended set of inquiry and communication capabilities.

Dispatchers have immediate access to mission-critical information including real-time call updates, unit location, call status, special instructions, premises history, and information, as well as automatic alerts on wanted or missing persons, integrated State and NCIC queries,  duplicate call notifications, and operational recommendations are all a base part of the system. The system can function with separate or integrated call-taking operations. EIS/CAD integrates with E911 systems and includes E911 Phase II capabilities; including reverse geocoding and mapping. The CAD system integrates with other EIS products, including police and fire records management systems. It fully supports mobile digital communications, E911, and external state and national switching systems. 


Easy to use

intuitive, Modern graphical user interface, engineered to provide rapid and accurate access to all information. 

Complete CAD Integration

Digital dispatching, CAD incident updates, digital status maintenance, mobile call creation and more is available at the officer’s fingertips.

Database Inquiry

One requestiInquiry into Local, State, Regional and National law enforcement databases and NCIC/NLETS.

Full AVL & In-Unit Map Displays

Provides real time moving Tactical Mapping Displays and Location Identification.  Location broadcast to CAD and all other units provide a new level of safety. 

Diagonal Lines


  • Complete CAD integration.

  • Digital Dispatching

  • CAD Incident Updates

  • Digital Status Maintenance

  • Emergency Notification

  • Real-time status updates with audible notification alerts

  • Administrative message switching

  • Information Display

  • Constantly Updated Situational Status Summaries and Detailed Unit

  • Tactical Mapping Displays and location identification

  • Full AVL and In-Unit Map Displays

  • Real-Time instant messaging supports voiceless communication with dispatch or other officers

  • Complete Premise Information

  • Complete Geofile Information

  • CAD Prior Calls

  • Location Contact Names and Phone Numbers

  • Fire-Related Hazard Information

  • Additional Premise Information

MDC Public Safety Software
Mobile Digital Computing

Call to Closure

...Integrated Mobile

In-field Access   -    Wireless   -    Dig. Dispatch   -  GPS Map   -  Messaging   -   NCIC/NLETS  -  One-Click  -  Mulri-Agency
From creation to closure, we have you covered.


The MDC provides immediate access to relevant data directly from the officer’s vehicles.  Complete inquiry access to State/NCIC, the local Records Management System (RMS), dispatch (CAD), and other regional exchanges is supported.  Integrated mapping and AVL provide a new level of mobile assistance and safety.  Digital dispatch and multi-agency messaging are all wrapped up in an intelligent, easy-to-use interface.  With the inclusion of RMS on the laptop case reporting and field interview capabilities are available to the officer, transforming each patrol vehicle into a mobile office. 

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