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Unlocking Efficiency: Introducing the Private Web Jail Viewer

Web Jail Viewer

We are excited to bring you the latest enhancement from Executive Information Services (EIS) that is designed exclusively for you - the Private Web Jail Viewer!

What's New?

The Private Web Jail Viewer is a groundbreaking addition to our suite of offerings, providing your team and extended partners with seamless access to inmate data without the need for full Jail Management Systems access. In this controlled environment, your agency will experience reduced inquiries from probation officers, court team members, and local law enforcement officials.

Your Agency, Your Control

Empower your agency with the Private Web Jail Viewer feature, allowing you to select administrators and users who can access specific Jail Management System (JMS) data. Authorized users will securely log in using unique usernames and passwords, gaining access to a customized landing page tailored to their Booking Search queries.

Explore Inmate Details with the Web Jail Viewer

Once logged in, users can dive into comprehensive inmate details, including:

  • Charges/Holds

  • Alias

  • Financials

  • Scars/Marks/Tattoos

  • Housing

  • Contacts

  • KSEP

Have Questions?

If you have any inquiries about our new Web Jail Viewer or any other EIS software, or if you're interested in learning about our special 35th Anniversary pricing for the Web Jail Viewer, our dedicated EIS Support Team is here to assist you.


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