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Validation Feature in RMS and JMS

validation feature in RMS and JMS

If you're using our RMS or JMS software, you need to know about the powerful Record Entry Validation feature. You identify your data entry pain points and we create the rule to avoid errors in the future. This tool is included in our standard release and is available for all RMS and JMS customers. See the links below for more details.

RMS & JMS Entry Validation - available in RMS Entry of Incident Reports and JMS Booking and Release records.

  • Enforces agency data policy

  • Real-time evaluation

  • One-click drill-through access

  • Conditional settings

  • Automated quality control check

  • Customized per agency

Other Information:

  • Entry Validation rules may be applied in the JMS to both the booking and/or the release process

  • Report Validation rules should not be confused with State Reporting Validation rules which are embedded in the program

  • The Report Validation feature will not interfere with the automatic RMS Entry process and is meant to augment the agency’s ability to perform quality checks on data entry.

If you're interested in learning more about these features, click here for RMS and here for JMS. If you need any other assistance, contact the EIS Support Team.


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