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Enhancing Public Safety: A Testimonial from Faviola Chadiez, Records Manager

As a leading provider of public safety software solutions, Executive Information Services (EIS) takes great pride in our longstanding partnerships with agencies committed to serving their communities. Today, we are honored to share a testimonial from one such partner, Faviola Chadiez, a Records Manager for an agency in Southern California, who has been with EIS since the mid-90s.

Faviola's agency relies on several key EIS products to streamline its operations and enhance efficiency. These include the Records Management System (RMS) with the Property Management Module, Mobile Digital Computing (MDC), Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), and the Citizen Service Portal (CSP).

One standout feature that Faviola highlights is the comprehensive incident module within the RMS. This module is programmed to collect all relevant data from a single case, providing a centralized repository that makes information retrieval seamless. This feature not only makes it easy to find necessary information but also significantly boosts efficiency by allowing Faviola and her team to see everything happening with a case at a glance.

Moreover, Faviola and her team utilize the reporting capabilities of the RMS to analyze crime trends in their city. They can generate reports and graphs that are narrowed down by time and day of the week, providing valuable insights into when and where certain types of crimes are occurring. This data-driven approach enables them to allocate resources more effectively, ultimately enhancing the level of service they provide to their community.

Faviola expresses her gratitude to EIS for our unwavering support throughout the years. She appreciates our commitment to staying current with new developments in technology, particularly concerning NIBRs. By keeping pace with evolving technological advancements, EIS ensures that Faviola's agency and others like it can continue to leverage cutting-edge tools to fulfill its mission of ensuring public safety.

At EIS, we are dedicated to empowering agencies like Faviola's with innovative solutions that make a tangible difference in their ability to serve and protect their communities. We thank Faviola for her continued partnership and trust in EIS, and we remain committed to supporting agencies in their pursuit of public safety excellence.

If you'd like to learn more about our Public Safety Software options or schedule a demo, contact our Sales team.


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