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EIS CAD Solution


EIS’s Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD), by SmartCOP is a state-of-the-art multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional public safety software solution for law enforcement, fire, EMS, and other public safety agencies. Our CAD provides comprehensive tracking of public safety and emergency calls for service and incident management.

CAD Active Call Screen
CAD Active Call Screen

The CAD system provides seamless integration with interactive, real-time map display for call handling, dispatching, mobile data, records, and information management to optimize operations efficiency. It offers a feature-rich solution that provides flexibility and includes integrated mapping, AVL run cards, and linked historical data. Our CAD Is easy to use and highly customizable.

In addition, our CAD tracks assigned and unassigned officers, allowing administrators and supervisors to quickly evaluate personnel effectiveness, and to identify high crime and service area locations for more effective agency resource management. These and other features make the CAD system exceed the normal CAD offering and present a unique and innovative system.

CAD by SmartCOP Features

  • Multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional support

  • Command line entry

  • Enhanced E-911 interface

  • Supports 911 Wireless Phase II

  • Closest unit recommendation

  • Closest hydrant location

  • Transmission of BOLOs to MCT

  • Dynamic run cards

  • Demographic data collection

  • Automated-mail/paging

  • Unit timers and status alarms

  • Streamline reporting

  • Event-driven

  • NCIC integration

  • Microsoft®Windows®-based solution


  • Increased efficiency, decreased response time

  • Fully and seamlessly integrated with EIS’s public safety software suite

  • More informed decision-making with resource allocation


  • Calls for service are instantly visible to every user without refreshing or updating the dispatch screen

  • Quickly assess the status of all units and calls

  • E-911 feed, address verification, and pre-set complaint types result in fast, accurate data entry

  • Premise history, caution notes, prior calls, BOLOs, and tow record notifications

  • E-911 ANI/ALI feed populates a call for service

  • Quickly reference past incidents with call history archive

  • Drag-and-drop dispatch

  • Visual and audible system alert


  • User-defined incident types, disposition codes, status change codes, unit roles, unit recommendations, and CAD event sounds

  • Configure the command line field order

  • Customizable CAD commands

  • User-defined patrol zones, districts, and wards

  • Customized transaction logging

  • Configurable map

ESRI-Based Mapping

  • Click on the map and create a call for service

  • GEO address validation

  • Configurable icons to represent incident types

  • Determine unit proximities to the Incident


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