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RMS Case View - See the whole story!

Case View in RMS

Activating “Case View” will toggle the displayed report or supplement into “CASE” view, which distills all of the information contained in the case (across all reports) into a single, updated view of the entire case. All entities (Names, Vehicles, Property, Offenses) with their most current information will be displayed in a single, structured tree view. By clicking on any item in the tree the system will display the most current information about the entity in the main application screen. This makes reviewing complex cases easy, and eliminates the need to sift through all of the reports, when preparing for court or filing with the prosecutor.

Did you know (when in case view) the system displays the report that contains the most current information related to the entity in the report header. Following the case # the supplement number will be displayed. If you wish to review the complete report where the entity was last updated, you now know where it is! This direct access can save a lot of time and minimize the need to sort through the entire case!

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