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Clark County Sheriffs, WA Go Live

Clark County County Sheriffs, WA goes live with the RMS-2 Records Management System. Ocala, Florida. (November 8, 2016) – Executive Information Services (EIS) announced today that it has completed the installation of a new public safety RMS records management system with integrated WACIC/ACCESS for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Washington. The system included the installation of the RMS-2 system supporting the records operations for the SO.

The new RMS-2® Records management system provides an integrated data management capability that automates the agency’s records-processing activities and provides extended operational support modules. The new Records system is an N-Tired, service oriented application operating on a fully-distributed Microsoft Windows® network environment. Built on the latest Microsoft .NET technology, RMS-2 offers a seamless flow of information between applications that tie all agency information together.

EIS's reporting capabilities and WorkFlow Management solutions directly support the Sheriff’s daily operations and provided a solid basis to evaluate operations and perform response time and crime analysis. With "Records-in-the-Field" capabilities" deputies are provided access to the full suite of agency data from the field, and helps save time and eliminate redundant data entry. The new EIS RMS-2 is helping to consolidate data operations within the Sheriff’s Office and replaces capabilities previously provided through multiple applications products.

Faced with increasing reporting and administrative management requirements associated with law enforcement operations, the Clark County law enforcement agencies need a software provider capable of meeting their existing requirements and providing an application that would adapt to the way they do business. The goal of the project was to achieve greater operational efficiencies and enhanced internal communications, resulting in better service to the citizens of Clark County. The Clark County Sheriffs opted to implement the fully integrated RMS-2 Records management system supporting integration with the EIS Jail Management System implemented earlier in 2016. The EIS family of products is a fully developed suite of software applications designed for the specific needs of public safety agencies and offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution. The applications are built on modern Microsoft technology.

EIS is a public-sector software company with locations in Ocala, Florida and Mountain Home, Idaho that has provided software solutions for public safety since 1989. The Company designs develops, markets, supports and implements the fully integrated Public Safety Suite for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS for local governments. EIS currently supports more than 90 customer agencies across the United States.

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