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Comprehensive, Integrated  Enterprise Level Records Management
Integrated, Multi-agency  Records Management

EIS/RMS-2 is a new generation, high performance, multi-jurisdictional records management system, delivering a comprehensive suite of integrated modules to law enforcement agencies. The system provides a complete records management solution that meets State and Federal reporting requirements, provides quick data collection, enhances investigative capabilities, includes a fully integrated workflow process, enables comprehensive searching and extensive reporting capabilities.

EIS/RMS-2 is part of the EIS Public Safety Software Suite, and fully integrates with other modules including CAD, Mobiles, Civil and Jail.  EIS/RMS-2 provides a solution that will enhance and support any agency’s desire to receive, dispatch, collect, organize, access, and disseminate information.  RMS-2 combines agency processes and functions into a single comprehensive system, and eliminates the manual processes, standalone databases and time killing workflow issues many agencies are currently experiencing with legacy systems.  All information within the system is available to all who need to know and have appropriate access.  Information is accessible in a timely fashion, available 24X7.


Data Management...Everyway

Initiation   -   Response   -    Report   -     Approval   -  Investigations  -  Dissemination

Creation to closure, we have you covered.  

From beginning to end RMS provides a comprehensive set of capabilities managing all aspects of the case, including field data collection, review, and approval, assignments, validation, dissemination, and prosecution.  RMS provides a collaborative suite of software enabling full digital case management – tailored to meet the needs of the agency.

Law Records Management 2 (RMS-2)

Easy to use, and Officer Friendly

Streamlines Operations and Improves Efficiency.

Complete Systems, if we don't have it today, we will make it for you!

Secure, provides complete CJIS compliancy.

Configurable to Meet Agency Requirements

Full Time, 7 X 24 End to End Sytem Support.

Incident/Case Reporting

Easy to Use - intuitive, Modern graphical user interface, engineered to provide rapid and accurate access to all information.  Report validation wizards, “Smart” controls and one-click access simplifies data entry.

Integrated Data/One-Time Data Entry – Single point of data entry across the full Suite, including access to CAD and JMS information.  Existing data is brought forward eliminating the need to re-key information increasing speed and accuracy

Automated Workflow Engine and Paperless Report Management - Includes a sophisticated workflow management engine that provides a comprehensive set of user-defined workflow events and notifications to ensure system users are aware of tasks.

Multi-Agency/Cross-Jurisdictional Data Sharing - designed to eliminate the constraints of agency/jurisdictional boundaries, and to support multi-agency data collaboration and data sharing.

Analysis And Statistics

Modern Technology Platform - Built on contemporary Microsoft .NET platform, SQL Server database – RMS utilizes the latest in computing technology to provide a fully supportable platform.

Comprehensive Reporting – Built on SSRS, Intelligent reports and informational displays provided throughout the records environment, fully customizable displays and printouts-, end user report development tools.

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