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Central control room

Discover all the ways EIS connects you...

Comprehensive, multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional dispatching for Police, File, EMS.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Complete Command & Control

With EIS/CAD, you have the power to command.  EIS/CAD is a comprehensive, easy-to-use command and control computer-assisted dispatching system that delivers the functionality required to meet the increasingly complex demands of public safety communications. The EIS Computer Aided Dispatch system was designed with the understanding that saving a life and ensuring officer safety may depend upon the accuracy and timeliness of information.  EIS/CAD enables the communications center to manage calls supporting Police, Fire and EMS, in a high-performance, multi-user, multi-agency, multijurisdictional environment.


Dispatchers have immediate access to mission-critical information including real-time call updates, unit location, call status, special instructions, premises history & information, as well as automatic alerts on wanted or missing persons, integrated State and NCIC query,  duplicate call notification, and operational recommendations are all a base part of the system. The system can function with separate or integrated call-taking operations. EIS/CAD integrates with E911 systems and includes E911 Phase II capabilities; including reverse geocoding and mapping. The CAD system provides complete integration with other EIS products, including police and fire records management systems. It fully supports mobile digital communications, E911, and external state and national switching systems. 

Call to Closure

Integrated Dispatch

Initiation   -   Response   -    Report   -     Approval   -  Investigations  -  Dissemination

Creation to closure, we have you covered.

From beginning to end RMS provides a comprehensive set of capabilities managing all aspects of the case, including field data collection, review, and approval, assignments, validation, dissemination, and prosecution.  RMS provides a collaborative suite of software enabling full digital case management – tailored to meet the needs of the agency.

Features at a Glance

  • Incident Management

  • Multi-Jurisdictional CAD (Law/Fire and EMS)

  • CAD-2-CAD (C2C) Multi-Center Communications.

  • Web and desktop CAD Status Resource Monitor

  • PI & PII E-911 Interface

  • Integrated  NCIC/State/Regional Inquiry

  • Automated Run-Cards/Dispatch Recommendations

  • Scheduled Events

  • Tow Rotation Recommendations

  • ProQA Integration

  • Ready Reference Files/Personnel/Phone Lists

  • Automatic Address Verification (ESRI)

  • Unit status Maintenance

  • Emergency Routing of events

  • Integrated Mobile digital

  • Integrated AVL/GPS Support

  • Field Initiated Activity

  • Silent Dispatch

  • Rip and Run

  • Integrated Safety Timers

  • Alpha-Numeric/SMS Paging

  • Extensive Reporting

  • Case Number Management

  • Map and Text Status Displays

Digital Dispatching

Easy to Use – intuitive & straightforward graphical user interface, engineered to provide rapid and accurate access to all system functions.  CAD provides multiple interface options for most functions.  Dispatchers can choose Mouse or Keyboard actions, including Drag-and-Drop, Hot Keys, Command Line and Pop Open forms.

Integration with Dispatch Technologies - Includes a sophisticated interface engine that provides data integration with a wide variety of systems, saving time and reducing errors.  Interfaces include, e911, NCIC/NLETS, TDD, ProQA, CAD-CAD connectors and much more.

Mapping, AVL and Geographic Services – CAD couples geocoding and mapping displays into a single platform.  The system utilizes the ESRI engine as the basis of situational map displays, address validation and unit tracking, and supports E911 Phase I and II. 

Multi-Agency/Cross-Jurisdictional Data Sharing - designed to eliminate the constraints of agency/jurisdictional boundaries, and to support multi-agency data collaboration and data sharing.




- Law

- Fire


- Other

Streamlines Operations and Improves Efficiency.

Complete Systems, if we don't have it today, we will make it for you!

Configurable to Meet Agency Requirements

Full Time, 7 X 24 End to End Sytem Support.

Web and Mobile Access

Mobile and SmartPhone access CAD supports the WRS product, allowing real-time access to CAD information from any browser enabled device.  Provides active call details, unit history, formatted CAD status monitors and closed call history recall.

Comprehensive Reporting – Built on SSRS, Intelligent reports and informational displays provided throughout the records environment, fully customizable displays and printouts-, end user report development tools.

For more information please contact us at or fill out our online form or give us a call toll free at 877.EISWARE (347-9273).

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