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Public Safety Software Solutions for
Law Enforcement Agencies

Discover our comprehensive and field-proven suite of user-friendly public safety software solutions, designed for Police, Sheriff, Dispatch, and Corrections. We prioritize providing effective solutions to enhance public safety, ensuring optimal performance and officer satisfaction.

Full-Service Public Safety Software Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies of All Sizes





Integrated Public Safety Systems for Law Enforcement

EIS is your dedicated source for high-performance public safety software solutions. Our comprehensive suite, designed to meet diverse agency needs, is characterized by common-sense solutions, top-notch design quality, and ownership of advanced products and services. These pillars define Executive Information Services, reflecting our unwavering commitment to operational excellence and embodying our overarching company philosophy.

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Record Management System Icon
Record Management System (RMS)

Explore EIS's RMS, an advanced, high-performance COTS+ record management system delivering comprehensive data collection and management capabilities tailored for law enforcement agencies.

Jail Managment System Icon
Jail Management System (JMS)

Experience seamless inmate management with our Jail Management System (JMS), offering a unified entry point and real-time inmate information accessibility for all system users, spanning from booking to release.

Computer Aided Dispatch Icon
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Enhance your emergency response with our Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system – a user-friendly, comprehensive command and control solution. Our CAD system empowers communication centers to efficiently manage Law, Fire, and EMS operations in a high-performance, multi-user, multi-agency, and multi-jurisdictional environment.

Mobile Digital Computing Icon
Mobile Digital Computing (MDC)

Elevate your mobile digital computing experience with our MDC – a packaged wireless digital communications software application tailored for law enforcement and fire communities. Explore a range of specially designed client-server and web-based software modules that seamlessly support mobile computing.

Civil Process Management Icon
Civil Process Management

Elevate your civil process management with our comprehensive system, Civil, designed to support and streamline civil operations department-wide. This full-function solution compiles all process-related information into a unified and efficient management application.

Easy to use, and Officer Friendly.

Secure, provides complete CJIS compliancy.

Streamlines Operations and Improves Efficiency.

Configurable to Meet Agency Requirements.

Complete Systems, if we don't have it today, we will make it for you!

Full Time, 7 X 24 End to End Sytem Support.

Brilliant Law Enforcement Software Solutions for more than 30 years

EIS, Inc. is a leading software development firm specializing in cutting-edge law enforcement software solutions for public safety agencies. Our expertise includes state-of-the-art information management applications, custom software development, seamless systems integration, and comprehensive consulting services tailored to support the diverse needs of police departments, sheriff's offices, communications centers, fire departments, and jail/correctional facilities nationwide.







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