May 1, 2018

EIS announces the availability of the new Citizens Service Portal Mapping application.  CSP mapping is a fully hosted interactive mapping program designed to provide community interaction with Law Enforcement Agencies by providing public access to activity information serviced by participating agencies. The look and feel of this interface has been completely redesigned, and specifically formulated to support cross platform access and be responsive to day to day devices (Cell phones, Tablets, Computers).  Basic features include: 

  1. Hosted application Integrated with agency's website.

  2. No longer requires Microsoft Silverlight to access.

  3. Map case reports and calls for service reports. (where applicable)

  4. Automatic scaling and control for smaller format devices.

  5. Three (3) map types to view:  Cluster, Pin, and get a quick visual where all the activity is at with a Heat map.

  6. Agency names and addresses located on front page along with...

March 15, 2017

EIS announces the availability of the new integrated Fingerprint Biometric Verification Component within the EIS JMS, as a part of the EIS Biometric Identity Solution.  The JMS Fingerprint Biometric System is intended to quickly identify subjects as part of the booking intake process and to verify the inmate’s identity at specific incarceration milestones, such as release from the facility.   This helps ensure that inmates are booked under the correct name and can speed bookings by facilitating prior record retrieval.  During release officers, can verify identity to help ensure that the appropriate inmate is being processed.

The fingerprint verification technology is deployed as an integrated part of the JMS and accessible from the operational screens in the JMS.  This simplifies the officers’ interaction with the fingerprint devices and eliminates complex interfaces.

  1. Provide subject identification during intake – This will allow officers to search previous booking rec...

August 4, 2015

EIS announces the availability of the new PocketJMS application, designed to extend Jail Functions to the floor officer.  Built on the Windows Mobile OS platform PockeJMS provides an easy-to-use handheld tablet platform designed for the jail environment.  The integrated bar code reader provides a convenient means to interact with the inmates id cards or wristbands in processing standard floor functions, including: moves, housing assignments, head counts, inmate query, inmate logging, cell checks, razor & laundry exchanges and more.  Real-time wireless interaction with the JMS system ensures all data is the most current, and all transactions are committed immediately to the central system.

Please call for more information as to how PocketJMS may work for you!

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