October 12, 2017

Better Data by Grouping

Did you know that RMS provides a set of dynamic grid/table displays that are fully interactive, and can be changed at any time to improve the layout and “Usability” of the information?  These table displays can be found throughout the RMS and JMS systems and can be easily identified by grey colored area presented at the top of the table.  This is the area where columns can be dragged for grouping.  By simply clicking on any column header, and dragging & dropping on the table header – the system will automatically update the display to show the data grouping and the number of records in each group.  Multiple columns can be added and sorted according to your preference.

You can also change the layout of the columns by simply re-arranging to suit your preferences, and if you wish to save the layout for future use, simply click on the [Save Layout] item on the table’s toolbar.

You can also apply custom filters to any of the displayed Column data. Simply...

July 14, 2017

Case View in RMS

Activating “Case View” will toggle the displayed report or supplement into “CASE” view, which distills all of the information contained in the case (across all reports) into a single, updated view of the entire case.  All entities (Names, Vehicles, Property, Offenses) with their most current information will be displayed in a single, structured tree view.  By clicking on any item in the tree the system will display the most current information about the entity in the main application screen.  This makes reviewing complex cases easy, and eliminates the need to sift through all of the reports, when preparing for court or filing with the prosecutor.

Did you know (when in case view) the system displays the report that contains the most current information related to the entity in the report header.  Following the case # the supplement number will be displayed.  If you wish to review the complete report where the entity was last updated, you now know where it is!  T...

July 1, 2017

CAD Data in RMS

Did you know Users can view the entire CAD event information directly within the RMS as they work in case reports.  In addition to being able to directly import CAD “Calls For Service” data into the case report to assist with report creation, the RMS Case report contains an embedded CAD event viewer, that is viewable directly within the case report!  As long as the CFS data has been imported into the RMS and the CAD event # linkage is filed with the report, the CAD Call detail screen can be accessed at any time.  With the report displayed the user can click the CAD Event # linkage (The red label over the data field) and the system will retrieve and display the CAD data directly from the CAD system.

November 8, 2016

Clark County County Sheriffs, WA goes live with the RMS-2 Records Management System.

Ocala, Florida. (November 8, 2016) – Executive Information Services (EIS) announced today that it has completed the installation of a new public safety RMS records management system with integrated WACIC/ACCESS for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Washington. The system included the installation of the RMS-2 system supporting the records operations for the SO.

The new RMS-2® Records management system provides an integrated data management capability that automates the agency’s records-processing activities and provides extended operational support modules. The new Records system is an N-Tired, service oriented application operating on a fully-distributed Microsoft Windows® network environment. Built on the latest Microsoft .NET technology, RMS-2 offers a seamless flow of information between applications that tie all agency information together.

EIS's reporting capabilities and WorkFlow Management solu...

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